Senecio erucifolius   Hoary Ragwort C DD N

Senecio erucifolius

This is a young plant and the hoariness (which is caused by a dense hairiness or pubescence) of the leaves can just be seen but sometimes hoary ragwort doesn't look very hoary at all particularly in older plants. Without the hoariness it could easily be confused with S. Jacobaea (Ragwort) at first glance since the flowers are much the same and has a similar habit and height.

Senecio erucifolius tends to prefer base rich soils and is found commonly throughout England but the records fall away rapidly as you go north and it is very rarely recorded in mid and northern Scotland. It is found in Wales but not in mid Wales and eastern Ireland.

Sefton Coast near Crosby 13th June 2007

Added on 23rd February 2008, updated 3rd February 2012

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