Senecio inaequidens   Narrow-leaved Ragwort I

Senecio inaequidens whole Senecio inaequidens close

At first this introduced plant from South Africa was usually found in the south of the country but has slowly marched northwards. I have found it as a weed in Warrington growing out of cracks in the pavement and until the site was cleared for building it had grown at an Llandudno industrial site for decades. The normal flowering period is summer but after the mild winter a number of summer flowering plants can continue even into February. The flowers themselves look like any other Ragwort but the very narrow leaves are quite distinctive.

Although still concentrated in southern England this plant is now found here and there all over England, north Wales and even in one or two places in Scotland. It is present in northern Ireland in small quantities.

LHS: waste land, Llandudno, 31st October 2006 RHS: Waste land Llandudno 19th February 2005

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