Sium latifolium   Greater Water-parsnip RR DD N

Sium latifolium Sium latifolium

Sium latifolium is a tall umbellifer with quite distinctive pinnate serrated leaves and large flower heads growing in wet habitats like ditches and fens. Although nationally it is a rare plant and decreasing in numbers too, at this site it was abundant and grew in a similar way to the much commoner Oenanthe crocata (Hemlock Water-dropwort)

Sium latifolium is mostly found in and around east Anglia although there are sites in southern central England too. It avoids the west and north and so is virtually unknown in Wales and Scotland. In Ireland it is mostly found in the central boggy bits but not in large numbers.

Ditch in East Anglia, 12th July 2003

Added on February 4th 2005, updated 8th February 2012

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