Spiranthes spiralis   Autumn Lady's-tresses C DD N

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Although quite common in the south of England where it is often found as a lawn weed(!), this little late flowering plant always attracts attention. The reason is probably because it is a member of the Orchidaceae family but also because of the interesting spiral arrangement of the flowers. It tends to be coastal in Wales but is restricted to only a few sites in northern England and does not occur in Scotland. It is found in Ireland near the west south and south eastern coasts.

There is no taxonomic dispute about this plant which is known as Spiranthes spiralis in all the major databases.

Spiranthes spiralis

Spiranthes spiralis Autumn Lady's-tresses

Great Orme, North Wales 27th August 2010

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Spiranthes spiralis Autumn Lady's-tresses

LHS: Lawn at Church Hall, Poole, Dorset 5th September 2010 RHS: Great Orme, North Wales 23rd August 2001

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