Stachys alpina   Limestone Woundwort RRR DD N?

Stachys alpina Stachys alpina close

This is the special rarity of the one wood in Denbighshire where it grows but annoyingly, moves from place to place. I first found this by accurately identifying it from the non flowering rosette in early spring. The leaves when crushed have the characteristic woundwort smell. At five feet or so the plant itself is taller than the common Stachys sylvatica (Hedge Woundwort). In this wood the two grow alongside each other.

Stachys alpina may not be a native plant after according to Clive Stace in New Flora of the British Isles Edition after all but its status is currently uncertain. Local botanists have told me that the plants in Denbighshire bear a strong resemblance to certain garden varieties. More work needed but until then this is rarity existing in only two woods this one and one in Gloucestershire nowhere else in the British Isles.


Stachys alpina

Stachys alpina Limestone Woundwort

Wood in Denbigh, 12th July 2004

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Stachys alpina Limestone Woundwort

Wood in Denbigh, 25th July 2002

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