Stellaria nemorum   Wood Stitchwort C DD N

Stellaria nemorum whole Stellaria nemorum close Stellaria nemorum closer

The stems of Wood Stitchwort are hairy all the way round and the petals are twice as long as the sepals but at first glance the flowers look similar to other larger flowered stitchworts like Stellaria holostea although the leaves are totally different. This is probably ssp nemorum as the bracts decrease in size gradually up the stem. B.S.B.I. call this plant Wood Chickweed.

It is very common in northern England and southern Scotland but very rare in the south of England uncommon in Wales and absent from Ireland.

Banks of River Mersey near Didsbury, 19th April and 3rd May 2007

Added on 23rd February 2008, updated 12th February 2012

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