Stellaria pallida   Lesser Chickweed C DDD N

Stellaria pallida whole Stellaria pallida

This is one of those highly insignificant plants which is both prostrate, which has small flowers and flowers early in the year disappearing without much trace by mid summer. In fact the plants have small or no petals at all. The photo on Professor Stace's DVD is absolutely nothing like the plants I usually see as the petals in his photo taken in Holland are quite distinct.

Stellaria pallida is like a small slightly lighter green version of Stellaria media (Common Chickweed) but since the petal-less flowers are less than 1 millimetre in diameter it can't usually be seen when standing

Stellaria pallida is common at coastal sites in England and Wales and occurs inland as well. It is mostly coastal in Scotland and also mostly eastern. In Ireland it is found on some eastern coasts.

LHS: Great Orme, North Wales 4th May 2005 RHS: Great Orme, 22nd March 2006

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