Stratiotes aloides   Water-soldier RRR DD N

Stratiotes aloides whole Stratiotes aloides close

The rosettes of this plant are often submerged so that when not flowering there are just a stand of unimpressive Iris like leaves in the pond. The flower just sits on the surface when flowering and at this time of year there were only a few left in flower.

This one, the most northerly mapped by B.S.B.I., was probably introduced since the native population is mostly known from east Anglia and Lincolnshire. Other introductions mean that in spite of its RRR rating by Stace in New Flora of the British Isles Third edition, there are many sites in England and Wales where it can be found. It is only rarely found in Scotland, Ireland or northern England.

Pond near Kessock Bridge, Black Isle, Scotland 27th July 2009

Added on May 26th 2010, updated 12th February 2012

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