Suaeda maritima   Annual sea-blite CC DD N

Suaeda maritima Suaeda maritima

This is a common if unspectacular annual plant which grows at the seaside, mostly you find it in salt marsh habitats. It has very small yellow flowers which appear in late summer like many salt-marsh plants but the fleshy almost cactus-like leaves are what draws you attention to start with.

Apart from the north coast of Scotland it is found almost in every other part of all coastal regions of the British Isles.

Suaeda maritima

Suaeda maritima Annual sea-blite

Rhosneigr, Anglesey 3rd August 2006

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Suaeda maritima Annual sea-blite flower

LHS: Rhosneigr, Anglesey 3rd August 2006 RHS: Lindisfarne 15th July 2006 (RHS)

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