Stypandra glauca   Blind Grass

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The flowers on this perennial herb also known as Nodding Blue Lily, are reminiscent of of quite similar ones to be found on Calectasia grandiflora (Blue Tinsel Lily) which is a shrub growing in the southerly regions of the wheat belt. Stypandra glauca has alternate, glaucous, grass like leaves (hence the name) and is a popular garden plant. It is quite common in south western Australian growing all over the region from north of Geraldton, south along the coastal plain and throughout the wheat belt even as far east as Kalgoorlie then down to Albany and Esperance on the coast. It is also found in Queensland in Eastern Australia.


Stypandra glauca

Stypandra glauca Blind Grass

Quairading reserve, 12th September 2007

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Stypandra glauca Blind Grass

W.a. W.F.S. tour: LHS: Quairading reserve, 12th September RHS: Sandford Rocks 14th September 2007

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