Teesdalia nudicaulis   Shepherd's Cress R DD N

Teesdalia nudicaulis whole Teesdalia nudicaulis close Teesdalia nudicaulis fruit

This is one of those plants which, while not classified as rare, you don't see very often. An early flowering annual, it has a basal rosette of pinnate leaves. At first it has a flat flower head becoming globular then more of a spike. It goes to seed very quickly and is a proper Spring ephemeral in that by late May there is no trace of its earlier existence. The seed pods are smaller and rounder at the top but otherwise similar to Capsella bursa-pastoris (Shepherd's purse).

Records for this plant are scattered all over England, Wales and Scotland with no obvious latitudinal preference but there is little in Ireland.

LHS and Centre: March 4th 2008. RHS 29th March 2005 All at Newborough Forest, Anglesey

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