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One of our native UK conifers the Yew does not any produce cones. Taxus baccata flowers very early and you should be able to find flowers in March or even February. This tree is famous for being poisonous in all its parts and these qualities led to it being regarded as a tree you should plant to protect the house and its occupants. Yews can grow large and live to a great age so planting a tree for both shelter and protection from evil magic was common at one time. Although there were trees with wood just as suitable Yew was and still is used for making bows for firing arrows; violin bows though are made from Pernambuco Caesalpinia echinata.

Taxus baccata is common throughout England, Wales and southern Scotland but is scarcer in northern Scotland. In Ireland it is also frequently found but it is not as common as in England where much of it has been planted and then produced self sown trees.

Taxus baccata

Taxus baccata Taxus baccata

Llandulas quarry, North Wales, 4th March 2009

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Taxus baccata Taxus baccata

LHS: Coed Cilygroeslwyd 10th February 2002 RHS: Candlewick Moss, Cumbria 22nd October 2005

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