Teucrium montanum   Mountain Germander

Teucrium montanum whole Teucrium montanum close

Like Teucrium pyrenaicum (Pyrenean Germander), this is a procumbent plant growing in hills and mountains but this time with the wider distribution of central Europe and outposts in southern Spain, Turkey, Greece plus Crimea. Teucrium montanum will grow at heights of 10,000 feet and we found clumps of these growing at the very summit of Piz Nair in the Swiss Alps. The margins of the somewhat leathery green leaves are inrolled and the flowers can be pure white like these or a creamy, yellowish white.


Teucrium montanum

Teucrium montanum Mountain Germander

Piz mair, Swiss Alps 10th July 2010

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Teucrium montanum Mountain Germander

LHS: En route to Claut, Dolomites, Italy 25th June 2015 RHS: Piz Nair, Swiss Alps 10th July 2010

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