Teucrium polium   Felty Germander

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One of the European plant hunting expeditions we did in 2007 was to an area of Europe so dry that it is recognised as the only desert climate in Mediterranean Europe. No surpise then that this plant is also found in some very dry places such as north Africa, the Arabian peninsula, Israel as well as much of Spain, Italy, Greece and around the Black and Caspian seas. As the name suggests this is a very furry smallish shrub with a distinct greyish appearance, revolute leaves. It is actually quite variable too and so has recognised sub species such as ssp aurasiacum, ssp clapae and ssp purpurescens (Pantlist 1.1) and many, many synonyms.


Teucrium polium

Teucrium polium Felty Germander

By Bobastro Rock Church, Andalucia Spain 27th March 2008

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Teucrium polium Felty Germander

Near Carboneras, Almeria region, Spain 19th March 2007

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