Teucrium Scorodonia   Wood Sage CC DD N

Teucrium scorodonia whole Teucrium scorodonia close

This is a very common roadside plant here on the acid soils of Cheshire. It flowers in mid to late summer but continues in places until the first frosts and beyond so it isn't impossible for me to find this in flower for the WFS Winter Months Hunt starting in December. Teucrium scorodonia has been used in homeopathy to help people with catarrh or even tuberculosis

Teucrium scorodonia is common in Wales and Scotland and in most of England except for an area around Lincolnshire. In Ireland it is uncommon towards the centre of the island

Teucrium Scorodonia

Teucrium Scorodonia Wood Sage

Llandulas quarry, North Wales 1st July 2008

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Teucrium Scorodonia Wood Sage

LHS: Llandudno, North Wales 18th July 2002 RHS: Helsby, Cheshire 26th September 2004

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