Thlaspi arvense   Field Penny-cress C DD N

Thlaspi arvense whole Thlaspi arvense close Thlaspi arvense fruit

Thlaspi arvense is quite a small white crucifer often appearing when ground has been disturbed so found growing in arable fields. Like all white crucifers it is difficult to identify at first but the fruits have a very distinctive shape and are proportionately quite large for the size of the flowers and plant. When crushed it stinks according to Stace.

Thlaspi arvense is common in England and coastal Wales but overall has a tendency to prefer the east. It is found in eastern Scotland even as far north as Inverness and Golspie but is much rarer in the west. In Ireland it is a southern and eastern plant.

Potato field, Guernsey, 22nd June 2004

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