Tofieldia pusilla   Scottish Asphodel R DDD N

Tofieldia pusilla Tofieldia pusilla

This plant is locally frequent in some parts of the Highlands according to Stace but here on Lawers and Beinn Ghlas it isn't at all easy to find. The plant itself is only a few centimetres tall and with the insiginificant greeny-yellow flower it can easily be overlooked. We usually find this plant in the boggy flushes at the side of the path going round Beinn Ghlas probably at not much more than 600 or 700 m. We haven't so far found it near the top or in the Corrie.

The photo on the left shows the basal leaves from which the flowering stems arise. The leaves are often obscured by other vegetation in the flush.

Very occasionally found in the highest, coldest parts of England in very small numbers, Tofieldia pusilla is really a Scottish species being found in many mountains particularly those centrally or in the west. It is absent from Ireland and the islands.

Flushes at the side of Beinn Ghlas 11th July 2005

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