Torilis japonica   Upright Hedge-parsley CC DD N

Torilis japonica whole Torilis japonica close

This high summer umbellifer is found throughout the UK on waysides and as the name suggests near hedges. Umbellifers can be quite difficult to identify and this one is one of many that look quite similar. It flowers after ordinary Anthriscus sylvestris (Cow Parsley), with which it might just be confused, has finished flowering and quite often has more spaced-out floret bunches many of which have a pinkish tinge.

Very common in England, wales and Ireland, Torilis japonica is also found in southern and mid scotland but is far less frequent in the far north and the north west. It is found in the outer Hebrides and Orkney but it isn't common.

Newborough Forest 18th July 2004

Added on December 27th 2004, updated 15th February 2012

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