Torilis nodosa   Knotted Hedge-parsley C DD N

Knotted Hedge-parsley whole Knotted Hedge-parsley fruit

This is a small plant where I find it and although it can reach 50 cm according to Stace, it more often remains procumbent (flat on the ground). The flowers are small (about 1 to 2 mm at most) and pinkish in bud soon giving way to the fruits which have visible spines with a very small hook which you might be able to see with a lens. When it has finished flowering the spiny fruit remain clustered together closely unlike A. caucalis (Bur Chervil) where they are spaced out on a tall plant.

It is found often at the seaside and is Eastern and Southern in England. There isn't much of it in Northern England, Scotland and it is mostly eastern in Ireland.

LHS: The Green Triangle, Great Orme, North Wales 27th May 2006 RHS: Green triangle 3rd June 2008

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