Trientalis europaea   Chickweed-wintergreen C DD N

Trientalis europaea whole Trientalis europaea close

I usually find Trientalis europaea with just one flower or at the most two flowers but on a trip to find the very rare Carex recta (Estuarine Sedge) we found this plant with three flowers in perfect condition.

This is a plant with an interesting distribution in that it is absent from Ireland and Wales and most of central and southern England with a few outposts like this in the north of England. In Scotland however it is a common plant to be found on heather moors and pine woods. It is a small easily missed plant no more than about 20 cm tall and I have Scottish friends who have this as a wild flower in their woodland grounds.

Trientalis europaea

Trientalis europaea Chickweed-wintergreen

Hole of Horcum, 11th June 2005

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Trientalis europaea Chickweed-wintergreen

LHS: Near lairg, Sutherland, 26th June 2006 RHS: Hole of Horcum, North York moors, 11th June 2005

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