Trifolium arvense   Hare's-foot Clover C DD N

Trifolium arvense close Trifolium arvense close

Also known as Hare's-foot Trefoil, this is a fascinating little plant which doesn't really look at all like clover at first glance. When you first notice it, and it hides remarkably well vegetation, you wonder how those little balls of fluff got stuck in the grass. A closer look and you see the typical clover flowers which are only a millimetre or so across.

Trifolum arvense grows in most places in England and in Wales except for the central hilly areas. Records thin as you go north and it retains its preference for coastal sites into Scotland where it is commoner in the east. In Ireland it is mostly found near the east coast.

LHS: Lindisfarne, 15th July 2006 RHS: Verges of Newborough Forest 18th July 2004

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