Trifolium fragiferum   Strawberry Clover C DD N

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When I was first shown this clover at this site we had to search the dune slacks to find it but this time we found it immediately and from then on it seemed to be the commonest of the clovers around. The flower is not hugely different from Trifolium repens (White Clover) which is normally white but can be quite pinkish like the flower in the photo. The distinctive feature is the fruits which are larger than the flower and the sepals (calyx) of which become inflated so that the large pale pink fruiting body is supposed to be a bit like a strawberry (but not much).

Trifolium fragiferum favours the south east of England where it is very common inland and at the coast. In Wales and northern England it is mostly a coastal plant. Records extend a short way into south eastern Scotland and then cease. In Ireland it is far less common being mostly found at south eastern and a south western coastal sites

Trifolium fragiferum

Trifolium fragiferum Strawberry Clover

Red Rocks, Wirral 5th August 2011

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Trifolium fragiferum Strawberry Clover fruit

LHS: Dune Slacks on Seaward side of coast road, south of Southport 23rd July 2005 RHS: Red Rocks, Wirral 5th August 2011

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