Trifolium hybridum   Alsike Clover I

Trifolium hybridum Trifolium hybridum

There are two doubtful (according to Stace) sub species of this introduced European clover but since I have the greatest difficulty in identifying it anyway, I'm not going to try to separate them. Usually described as being white with pink suffused under the flower head, or all white or all pink and then it doesn't look too different from a pinkish Trifolium repens. Very tricky. The pointy stipules are supposed to give it away.

Trifolium hybridum is recorded frequently from England Wales and to a lesser extent Ireland and only in northern Scotland has it failed to find a home.

LHS: Verge near Garswood, St Helens, 22nd August 2004 RHS Ham River Lands, London 7th July 2007

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