Trifolium medium   Zigzag Clover CC DD N

Trifolium medium

This was an interesting extra on our way to see the specialty of this site Vicia bithynica (Bithynian Vetch). It is very like Red Clover but while Trifolium pratense (Red Clover) is actually quite pinkish, Zigzag Clover is usually redder. The definitive way of distinguishing the two though, is to look at the stipules (little structures, sometimes quite leaf-like, at the base of a leaf). In Trifolium pratense they have a bristle point which is absent in Trifolium medium.

Trifolium medium is common in England, wales and southern and mid Scotland but it is uncommon in the far north although there is a little on the outer islands. In Ireland it is dotted all over the island with a tendency for more records to be northern.

Upgang Ravine, near Whitby, 11th June 2005

Added on 9th October 2005, updated 16th February 2012

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