Triglochin palustris   Marsh Arrowgrass CC DD N

Triglochin palustris

This looks like a slightly slimmer version of the seaside Triglochin maritima (Sea Arrowgrass). It occurs in swampy ground inland and has distinctly fringed flower parts which you can see in the photo. The problem is that it will grow in boggy on sea cliffs which are fed by freshwater springs so confusingly it can be found only a short distance from Triglochin maritima.

Triglochin palustris occurs in wet areas throughout the British Isles but is a little less common in the south of England than the north. It is uncommon in the far south west of England. It is very common in Wales, Ireland and Scotland and occurs on most of the outer islands including Shetland.

The name of this plant has also been subject to a minor change. Until 2010 New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace called it Triglochin palustre but in 2010 the third edition changed this to Triglochin palustris. Recording and field botanists are heaving sighs of desperation and my Latin teacher is now peuce with rage.

Boggy area near Visitor's centre, 11th July 2005

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