Trinia glauca   Honewort RRR DD N

Trinia glauca whole Trinia glauca whole

This plant is dioecious (separate male and female flowers) and classified as an umbellifer. I first saw it in Somerset when I expected to see a plant looking like all the other tall herbaceous umbellifers I knew. This one is only 10 or 20 cm in height so can be hidden in grassland.

Arguably modern British botany began in the Avon Gorge and this plant was one of the first to be identified by Turner in the mid 16th century. The leaves are glaucous as can be seen from the large photo, hence species name glauca. The Genus name comes from the surname of a German botanist Carl Trinius. The main sites for this plant are all around the Bristol area with a couple of outliers in Devon. It does not occur in the rest of England, or any part of Scotland, Wales or Ireland.

Trinia glauca

Trinia glauca Honewort

The Gully, Avon Gorge 8th April 2011

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Trinia glauca Honewort

LHS: The Gully, Avon Gorge 23rd April 2005 RHS: Avon Gorge 8th April 2011

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