Tristagma uniflorum   Spring Starflower I

Tristgma uniflorum whole Tristgma uniflorum close

This is a South American introduction that was found as an escape in the south of the country but is now known from more northern counties. It is a garden escape but this one was nowhere near any garden. It is most often found near the seaside.

Tristagma uniflorum has escaped mostly into the southern English counties. The highest concentration of records is from around the London area, along the south coast of England and the east Anglian coast. Otherwise it is dotted here and there with records becoming scarcer as you go north. It is common on the Channel Islands but absent from Scotland and very rare in Ireland.

LHS: Waste ground near Southport 3rd May 200 RHS: Near Llandudno west shore 4th May 2006

Added on 20th May 2006, updated 17th February 2012

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