Trisetum flavescens   Yellow Oat-grass C DD N

Trisetum flavescens

This grass has a yellowish tinge not obvious in the photograph but often appearing yellowish in comparison with other grasses and plants growing nearby. It is of medium height up to about 0.5m but the thing which attracts your attention is the crowded flowerhead, flat leaves and long bent awns.

Trisetum flavescens is a common grass in England, Wales and south east Scotland but records start to tail off as you go north. There are one or two records even from the far north coast and plenty from the Inverness area but overall it prefers the south and the east. It is quite common in Ireland more inland than near the coast.

Pensarn beach, Abergele, 4th May 2005

Added on December 14th 2005, updated 17th February 2012

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