Tripterococcus brunonis   Winged Stackhousia Endemic

Triptococcus brunonis whole Triptococcus brunonis close

Once placed in the genus Stackhousia with which plant types this plant can understandably be confused, Tripterococcus brunonis is one of only three fully described in the genus. The other two: Tripterococcus brachylobus and Tripterococcus paniculatus are rare. Tripterococcus brunonis however is quite common throughout the south western Austrian region from north of Kalbarri all down the coastal strip and along to Esperance and inland as well. It prefers sandy or gravelly habitats and the English name describes the winged fruits. The other interesting feature of this plant is the very strong night scent presumably to attract pollinators.

Tripterococcus brunonis

Tripterococcus brunonis Winged Stackhousia

Badgingarra Reserve, 11th September 2007

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Tripterococcus brunonis Winged Stackhousia

Badgingarra Reserve, North of Perth, Western Australia 11th September 2007

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