Typha latifolia   Bulrush or Greater Reedmace CC DD N

Typha latifolia close Typha latifolia fruit

This very common plant known by most people as a Bulrush but called Greater Reedmace or False Bulrush by botanists for years, is to be found in swampy areas and at the edges of ponds and lakes all over England, Wales and Ireland but is less common in the north of Scotland. The seed heads stay intact throughout the winter then"explode" in early spring distributing the fluffy seeds far and wide on the March winds. The starch in the roots is edible and this is one of the survival in the wild plants to which survival experts ike Ray Mears refer.

LHS: Red Rocks marshes 28th June 2005 RHS: Frodsham marshes 3rd March 2005

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