Viburnum lantana   Wayfaring Tree C DD N

Viburnum lantana Viburnum lantana

This is a small tree or shrub which can reach 6m but which is usually smaller. The white flowers give way to red fruits which eventually turn black. The wayfaring tree has been known for some time in England and the black fruits are edible although not particularly pleasant. The leaves and berries have been made into a potion for the stomach and leaves can be made into a dye.

Very common in the south of England, records for Viburnum lantana diminish quite quickly as you go north. It is found her and there in the north of England, Wales and southern Scotland but elsewhere including Ireland it is rarely recorded.

RSPB reserve 5th May 2005 (Flowers), 25th July 2005 (Fruits)

Added on 1st October 2005, updated 22nd February 2012

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