Vinca minor   Lesser Periwinkle I

Vinca minor

To me the flowers of this European introduction and Vinca major (Greater Periwinkle) are almost identical being much the same colour but with Vinca minor perhaps slightly smaller. The big difference is the habit. This plant is essentially procumbent and although it will scramble over low objects, tends to be a ground covering plant rather than a hedge climber like Vinca major. Also the leaves appear to me to be darker green and slightly narrower. Vinca major is classed as an archeophyte (introduced before 1500 AD) in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 (2010) by Clive Stace.

Vinca minor is common in England and most of Wales and fairly common in northern England and Scotland until the Highlands. It is common in the east but scarce in the north west. It is less common in Ireland with an eastern distribution.

Woods near Edge, Gloucestershire 16th February 2005

Added on February 17th 2005, updated 23rd February 2012

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