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If I want to see Viola arvensis in good numbers and looking healthy, I search in Autumn. It is a typical arable weed and tends to be at its best after the farmers have harvested the crops and ploughed the land or left it with the stubble showing. In the past I found hundreds in perfect condition at the edge of a stubbly field and quite a few on allotments when their owners have got fed up with weeding. As a plant of disturbed ground and can arrive and flower anywhere. I have even found it less than 100 metres from Manchester City's Etihad stadium flowering amongst supporters (me) eating their pre match fish and chips.

Viola arvensis is found throughout England, Wales, Scotland except for the far north west and eastern Ireland

Viola arvensis

Viola arvensis Field Pansy

Helsby, Cheshire 28th June 2008

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Viola arvensis Field Pansy

LHS: Helsby Cheshire 7th October 2009 RHS: Helsby Cheshire 24th September 2004

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