Viola canina ssp canina   Heath Dog-violet C DD N

Viola canina front Viola canina spur

There are two sub-species of this violet however subspecies montana is only found in the Cambridgeshire area and the common one is ssp canina. I find this plant not on heaths but in dune systems and with its distinctly yellowish spur and longish leaves looks different from say Viola riviniana with which it might just be confused.

Viola canina is fairly common throughout the British Isles and is most often found at the coast. In Ireland it has a more western distribution but in Scotland there is if anything an increase in records in the far north east and it does occur on the outer Hebrides and Shetland

LHS: Newborough Warren, Anglesey, 23rd April 2010: RHS: Southport dunes, 28th April 2006

Added on December 31st 2004, updated 24th February 2012

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