Watsonia versfeldii   Bugle Lily I

Watsonia versfeldii whole Watsonia versfeldii close

You can buy these bulbs from garden centres and nurseries which almost definitely means that this plant, which is a South African introduction to western Australia, initially escaped into the wild from gardens. There are about ten recorded species of Watsonia all known as Bugle Lilies in south western Australia but beautiful as they are, they can become invasive. Fortunately this species is not recorded from too many places in south west Australia as yet but these two sites appear to be new.

Watsonia versfeldii

Watsonia versfeldii Bugle Lily

Forest trail near Nanup, Western Australia 21st October 2013

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Watsonia versfeldii Bugle Lily

SW Highway verge, Western Australia 24th October 2013

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