Zostera noltei   Dwarf Eelgrass RR DD N

Zostera noltei Zostera noltei single

This is the smaller of two perennial sea water plants which both look like seaweed (algae). It is at its best in shallow pools at high tide and when it grows near Z. marina (Eelgrass) the difference between the two is obvious. Zostera noltei has smaller clumps of leaves which are distinctly narrower than Z. marina which makes finding the flowers very hard indeed. The flowers are very inconspicuous but can be seen behind a translucent sheath containing them - but you have to look hard and examine a fair few to find any.

There is no latitudinal pattern to the distribution of Zostera noltei. There is a large concentration of sites around Inverness just as there are plenty of sites on the south coast of England. it is dotted about elsewhere.

Lindisfarne, near St. Cuthbert's Island 15th July 2006

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