Andromeda polifolia   Bog Rosemary R DDD N

Andromeda polifolia Andromeda polifolia under Andromeda polifolia close

This flower looks very much like one of the heathers and it is a member of the Ericaceae. It grows in good numbers on Flaxmere, a floating bog in Cheshire alongside Vaccinium oxycoccus (Cranberry). They look very good together flowering in May. The biggest problem finding and photographing flowers like these is the terrain. You must look very carefully hopping from tuft to tuft in between muddy pools of unknown depth There is only one safe path impassable safely in a wet spring.

Andromeda polifolia is found in the middle of the island of Great Britain and is absent from southern England and most of Scotland. It is found in Wales and the centre (boggy bit) of Ireland.

Flaxmere, Cheshire, 17th May 2004 and 9th May 2005

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