Dipsacus fullonum   Teasel C DD N

Dipsacus fullonum whole Dipsacus fullonum close

This is a very common plant, found on verges, waste ground, fields - almost anywhere except mountain tops. It is also a tall and striking plant so I've been looking for signs of flowering for some time. It seems to be one of those plants which sticks to the flowering time and rarely flowers out of season.

The Fullers Teasel (Dipsacus sativa), a close relative of this plant has backward pointing bracts and so was once used to raise the nap of newly woven cloth. Fields of D. sativa were grown for use by clothiers.

D. fullonum is often found in England and wales but records diminish as you north into the highlands of Scotland and beyond. It is found in Ireland too but more in the east than the west and centre.

Pensarn beach Abergele 7th July 2005

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