Dipsacus pilosus   Small Teasel C DD N

Dipsacus pilosus flower Dipsacus pilosus fruit

The "Small" in Small Teasel seems to me to refer to the flowers which are smaller than those in Dipsacus fullonum (Teasel) but the plant itself can be quite large. These specimens were way past their best for flowers but had some interesting fruits on plants about 1.5 m tall. I have seen this plant as tall as 2 m or more although Stace claims that it is up to 1.5m. It tends to grow in shady places like tree covered banks or woodland.

Common in central and eastern England but not Wales or the south west, D. pilosus is rare in northern England and very rare in Scotland and Ireland.

Edge of field in Monmouth 6th September 2005

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