Hypericum undulatum   Wavy St. John's-wort R DD N

Hypericum undulatum whole Hypericum undulatum leaves Hypericum undulatum flower

This is a square-stalked St John's-wort found in damp places so at first you might think it was H. tetrapterum (Square-stalked St John's-wort) which is much commoner. The next observation is that the flowers with red tinged petals underneath look more like H. pulchrum (Slender St. John's-wort). Finally the characteristic which gives the plant its name and is less obvious is the leaves: they are sessile (without stalks) and have distinct wavy edges with many translucent dots - more even than H. perforatum (Perforate St John's-wort). There were black glands on some of the flowers on this specimen and even on the anthers!

This plant has a very localised southwestern distribution. It is found in south west Wales but most is to be found in Cornwall and a little in Devon. There is none to be found in Scotland, Ireland or elsewhere in England.

Edge of path round upper Tamar Lake, Cornwall 19th July 2008

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