Lupinus nootkatensis   Nootka Lupin DD I

Lupinus nootkatensis Lupinus nootkatensis close

This American introduction is, apart from a few outposts in England, a plant found in Northern Scotland.

At first it doesn't look a lot different from many roadside lupins which so frequently escape from cultivation but look closely and you can see the long shaggy hairs which are typical of this species. They are long enough even to be visible in the photo.

The most convenient site for this plant has been known for some years and is in the grass of a layby near The Sow of Atholl. Fortunately the laybys of the A9 are now numbered so stop at number 75 (south) in early June to see a magnificent stand of the Nootka Lupin.

Lupinus nootkatensis

Lupinus nootkatensis Nootka Lupin

Near Sow of Athol, Scotland 21st June 2006

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Lupinus nootkatensis Nootka Lupin

Lay By near Sow of Atholl, 9th June 2006

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