Mimulus x guttatus x luteus x variegatus   Hybrid Monkeyflower DD I

Mimulus x luteus x guttatus x variegatus

Only on very rare occasions do I put on the site a plant which is not mentioned in Stace but this is one. It does look remarkably like Mimulus x robertsii (Hybrid Monkeyflower) which is the common hybrid often incorrectly recorded as Mimulus luteus (Blood-drop Emlets). Mimulus luteus is now known to be uncommon. This is a garden variety which has escaped to a very wild site in Teesdale identified to us by our WFS leader and Teesdale expert Vince Jones.


Banks of River Tees near Cronkley Bridge 22nd June 2005

Added on 1st October 2005, updated 3rd January 2011

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