Mimulus x robertsii   Hybrid Monkeyflower DD I

Mimulus x robertsii whole Mimulus x robertsii close

Our leader on the Wild Flower Society meeting where we found this Mimulus explained that it looks rather similar to Mimulus luteus. So this is one of those plants which is often recorded as the rare Mimulus luteus (Blood-drop-emlets) instead of Mimulus x robertsii (Hybrid Monkeyflower). This plant is a hybrid between Mimulus guttatus (Monkeyflower) and Mimulus luteus and looking at my past diaries and notes I'm sure I'm one of those who has misidentified it.

M. x robertsii is found mostly in northerne England, southern Scotland and northern irel;and with other records dotted sparsley about the British Isles. It has hardly been recorded at all form the republic of Ireland.

LHS: Stream near College valley, Cheviots, 17th July 2006 RHS:Bank of River Tees 21st June 2005

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