Scrophularia auriculata   Water Figwort C DD N

Scrophularia auriculata whole Scrophularia auriculata close

This can be a very tall plant and the ones illustrated were over 2m tall (Stace has only seen short ones at 1.2m). The typical dark red figwort flowers aren't a great deal different from Scrophularia nodosa (Common Figwort) but what identifies this plant is the existence of wings on the stems.

Extremely common in England and Wales this is another plant which seems to stop at the border with Scotland. there is a little in Scotland but it is dotted here and there with very little in the far north. It is common in Ireland.

By River Weaver Cheshire 14th June 2005

Added on 25th November 2005, updated 1st February 2012

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