Sonchus tenerrimus    Slender Sow-thistle

Sonchus tennerrimus whole

Although very commonly found in southern Europe and throughout Spain, there are only a few records of this annual/perennial plant occurring in England, mostly in the south. It is quite tall and the Greek plants we saw were easily four feet in height. The stems also have distinctive glandular hairs but not as dense packed as the yellow ones on Sonchus arvensis (Perennial Sow-thistle) which is very common in Britain and Ireland.

As well as Spain it can be found in France, Italy, Greece, Israel, many Mediterranean Islands, the north African coast and in Turkey.

Sonchus tenerrimus

Sonchus tenerrimus  Slender Sow-thistle  

Roadside verge near sea, near Almuñécar, Spain 18th March 2007

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Sonchus tenerrimus    Slender Sow-thistle

Roadside verge near sea, nr Almuñécar, Spain 18th March 2012

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